Beverley Triathlon 2015

Beverley Triathlon was to be our first workshop/event for our group. We had 6 members turn up for the early morning meet. All agreed they had a great time photographing this local event. We were asked to supply some shots for the Avon Advocate and as each member who participated has sent in up to 4 shots I’ve been excited to see the talent amongst our group already.

The group has already been asked to return to this event last year, with one comment being that with all the cameras around we made the event even more professional. Next year they will supply event vests so we stand out as official, which would make the job easier indeed.

Looking forward to April’s night meet, and seeing more photos from our talented members.

Just to add, saving photos can be a bit confusing, so here’s a few links to keep in mind when saving your photos for our meets.

The best thing to remember is to resize your images to 1920 on the largest side.

Saving on Lightroom

Saving on Photoshop

Saving on Elements

I have another email due out to everyone soon, but wanted to get this info out to you ASAP, so you can all start considering your 2 landscapes and 2 workshop photos to enter for next month.