Information for April 2016 Meeting

Your entries are due  by Midnight, Friday 22nd April. We have a judge waiting to crit your shots.

What you should send –

– 2 Still life entries
– 2 Triathlon entries, or – 2 Brookton Motor Show entries

Lesson entries as indicated on lesson file.

Assignment 1: Take at least one abstract photo based entirely on some of the compositional rules we talked about. Subjects should not be recognizable. Email, along with an explanation of why you think the composition makes a visually interesting image.

Assignment 2: Students will take pictures of a subject from various viewpoints (near, far, from above, below, behind). Creativity is encouraged. Likewise, Email your best two or three photos of the subject , along with an explanation of which you think is most visually appealing and why.

We shall go through these as a group on meet nights, to see how we’re all travelling with the lessons. Lesson 2 will be available so please bring your USB thumb drive.