Information for April 2016 Meeting

Your entries are due  by Midnight, Friday 22nd April. We have a judge waiting to crit your shots.

What you should send –

– 2 Still life entries
– 2 Triathlon entries, or – 2 Brookton Motor Show entries

Lesson entries as indicated on lesson file.

Assignment 1: Take at least one abstract photo based entirely on some of the compositional rules we talked about. Subjects should not be recognizable. Email, along with an explanation of why you think the composition makes a visually interesting image.

Assignment 2: Students will take pictures of a subject from various viewpoints (near, far, from above, below, behind). Creativity is encouraged. Likewise, Email your best two or three photos of the subject , along with an explanation of which you think is most visually appealing and why.

We shall go through these as a group on meet nights, to see how we’re all travelling with the lessons. Lesson 2 will be available so please bring your USB thumb drive.


June 2016 Meet


1st - Robyn Murray
1st – Robyn Murray

Well done to everyone last night, what a successful night, its great to see our Group flourishing with talent and enthusiasm. Sorry for the overload of information in this email, but thought I may as well get it all out there.

WORKSHOP Sunday July 26th

Meet at Avondale 9am. At this point we will have two children for models, time will be given to each photographer to use the models.

Will drive back to town at 11am for a street walk before heading to the pub for lunch.

Cost will be $10/photographer so we can give a voluntary contribution to Avondale and allow the children a small amount of pocket money for their trouble.

This event will be family friendly for those interested in bringing extras along.


July/Aug – Avondale and Street workshop. Architectural. (Architectural photography is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects.)

Sept/Oct – Piano Graveyard (4th Oct). Animals.

Shire bus trip postponed until August 16th.


Album Links (these are private links available to the group only)
Portrait –

Macro –
Sue and Athol – York Photography
0417 600 940

Samara Wheeldon

Now is time to start thinking about some show entries, below are the categories for this year. With brand new boards this year the photography display should be spectacular. If anyone needs any other advice or information please don’t hesitate to email me.

Entries Close:
5pm Friday 15 August.
Entry Fee: $1
Entries to be staged by: 7pm Thursday 21 August
Prizes: 1st $4 2nd $2

COLOUR PRINTS 15cm x 10cm (6”x 4”) (maximum size).
1. Farm scene.
2. Landscape.
3. Lake, River or
4. Sunrise / Sunset.
5. Holiday scene.
6. Plant Study.
7. Animals
8. Birds or insects.
9. Person or persons.
10. Child’s world, children at play.
11. Portrait, head and shoulders only.
12. Action.
13. Collection of three prints to tell a story.
14. Buildings and Construction.
15. Vehicle / Machinery/ anything on wheels.
16. Night Photography
17. Still Life
18. Special Category – Sustainability
19. Digitally enhanced abstract.
20. Creative abstract.
21. Black and White, any subject.
22. Miscellaneous

ENLARGEMENTS (No larger than 40cm x 50cm)(16”x20”)
Photographs NOT to be framed with glass.
23. Panoramic Photo.
24. Colour enlargement


Congrats to our June winners


1st Colleen, 2nd Heather, 3rd Kathy

1st Hollie, 2nd Marissa, 3rd Marissa and Colleen